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Like playing games? Well now you can host a game of kickball, soccer, volleyball, any game you love, to help raise money to "end the game" of sexual violence and exploitation. If you're on a school team or a league, or have your own team, have your team become a sponsor now to help build awareness. Play a different game to help "end the game."

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Get your community group, church, men's ministry, youth group, sports team or after school program fired up to be a part of the solution. Invite AMC to come speak to your group today or join our next live webinar and invite others to attend with you.



AMC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end the demand for commercial sex around the world. Your support is needed to make what seems impossible a reality. Send a one-time payment or become a monthly donor at any dollar amount and be a part of the solution to end sexual violence and exploitation for our children today and tomorrow.


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Educate & Empower your men's group today

We're excited to launch our curriculum "3 Feet of Darkness" for use in your organization. Bring a powerful video series and curriculum to the men you lead and see how education and practical steps can help bring light into the darkness.

3 Feet of Darkness

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