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The Abolition Men Collective believes in the power of people to affect positive change in the world. Driven by an optimistic outlook, and inspired by the Abolitionist movement in the past, AM Collective faces the challenge of demand head on with the conviction that ending it is possible.

Our name, Abolition Men Collective, is a call to action to men. Rejecting the cultural notion that "boys will be boys" the AM Collective represents the true role of men in society. Not as consumers and exploiters, but as fathers, sons, husbands and brothers who care about the plight of children in our world and work hard to protect, honor and defend all people in society.

14.6 billion: revenue of prostitution in the USA.

186 billion worldwide.

100,000 - 300,000: Children in the US are lured into prostitution every year.

For every 1 prostituted child there is an average of 7-10 men who are willing to pay to exploit them on a given night.

When zero dollars are spent on prostitution zero children will be lured and exploited. help us get to zero.



AMC believes that something is only impossible until it's done. Ending demand is not only possible, but inevitable when we make it a priority.



AMC believes in the character and integrity of all men to be a part of the solution.



AMC believes In the power of working together. It's going to take more than just one organization or person to end the demand. Collaboration is vital.

About the founder

In 2005 Derek Thompson read a 63 page book on children at risk. The shocking truth about what he learned created a life-long passion to be part of the solution to end the sexual exploitation of children around the world. Inspired by past abolitionists and with an uncanny ability to always see the best in people Derek started Abolition Men Collective. A gifted speaker and educator Derek has a Masters of Biblical Studies and Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an ordained pastor and social justice activist. His greatest joy is being a husband and father of four daughters.

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