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abolition men Collective

Inviting Men, Community Groups, Faith Communities, Schools, and Individuals to be a part of the solution to ending sexual violence and exploitation.

Our approach


Raise awareness about the harmful effects of demand for commercial sex.


Share a message of hope and freedom to commercial sex buyers & addicts.


Advocate for increased penalties to curb buyer demand.

cultural change

Teach the next generation how to build healthy relationships.


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empowering men to help solve an age old problem

We need men to become more meaningfully involved in the solution to ending sexual violence and exploitation. Help bring about a new culture of manhood that understands the true power of their role to affect positive change in the world.



It's everyone's responsability to help children in our society know who they are and why they are here. Giving our children a world free of the commercial sex industry is giving our children a safe and thriving world.

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We're excited to launch our curriculum "3 Feet of Darkness" for use in your organization. Bring a powerful video series and curriculum to the men you lead and see how education and practical steps can help bring light into the darkness.

3 Feet of Darkness

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